One of USA famous ski resort is Aspen. It is located at the in Colorado northwest. It was initially used for mining but now it is used for skiing purpose. Tourist from different parts of the world comes to Aspen to enjoy their vacations. Aspen do not only offer snow to the skiers but it also organizes many events and festivals all over the year for its tourist’s entertainment.

In winters it embraces all the skiers and snow lovers to enjoy their moments and cherish it for lifetime. At this time of year the place is jam packed with all the people who have taken refuge in this county from heat of their town. You need to do the booking for lodging in advance or you won’t get any place to stay in Aspen.

There is a four hour drive to Denver where the airport is situated. Many people prefer drive down through car from airport and many would prefer bus route. Tourists select this place for skiing over other skiing area like Terry Peak, because of the festivals that takes place every year. They bring different clothing’s with them to mingle in the festivals atmosphere.  There are very beautiful sites to visit and there are guides available for hire that would acquaint you with all the area of Aspen. The hotels, motel facility of this place are excellent and are easily affordable. There are also vacation rentals to accommodate as many people as possible. Vacation home rentals are a common person’s paradise.

Once the snow began to melt skiers began to pack their bags and the crowd also decreases, but the offering of the place keeps it attractive.  Mountains get naked but the leaves and flowers started to grow and cover the patches along the path. The sun becomes warm and light breeze floats. The town activities take a slower pace but it remains attractive. All those who are in search of scenic beauty and calmness visit Aspen of Northwest Colorado in summers. People from all over USA adore this place.  There are music concerts and operas to visit and different kind of dramatic acts are organized and displayed to entertain their peace loving visitors.

Aspen’s Shorts fest is considered world’s best film festival. This fest is organized by Aspen films in which short- films and documentaries are showcased. The character playing of some of unique characters is highly praised by the audience.

There is also ideas festival organized by Aspen to accommodate the intellectuals of the world. Different discussions and dialogues are exchanged among thinkers and philosophers.

Aspens beauty inspires writers like Owen Walcher to write on different topics. The picturesque beauty is enticing and has brought many film makers to shoot some scenes at the spot. Aspen is an ideal place for romantic couples who want to spend some quality time together. You can also plan for camping in the mountains and also near the forests.

In USA, Aspen of northwest Colorado is also a favorite place of the celebrities to relax. Aspen offers its tourist lots of fun activities to enjoy whenever they visit. It fills all the moments of their vacation with remarkable memories and gives them reason to visit time and again.


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