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A few important reminders to have a worry-free and memorable vacation.
● Prior to leaving, contact Vacation Homes about anything you are still unsure of or have any questions about. We will be glad to help.
● Research your destination. Take the time to learn a few things about the place, the people, the culture. Our Blog is a very good place to start.
● Be the kind of guest your hosts would love to have back. Take care of your vacation home the way you would your own. Be nice enough to tidy up before you leave!
● Tell us about your adventure! We’d love to hear how your trip went and your reviews can tell other vacationers what to avoid and what not to miss.
● The rental agreement. It will give you further details like pricing, payment modes, rental unit policies and check-in/out procedures for your stay, how and where to get the keys, among other things. Sign it and send it back.
● Make your deposit. This is typically how you confirm your reservation. We recommend paying via PayPal or credit card, they are the safest way.
● Travel Insurance. Never leave home without it. Vacation Homes offers travel insurance specifically for vacation rentals.

Many major vacation rental websites now require additional booking or traveler service fees when you book online through them. This means that you will pay more than the posted rental rate for a home. It’s a charge on top of the fee the owner pays to advertise on those sites. With all of these fees, the price to book a vacation rental has become unnaturally inflated. Vacation rental websites that charge booking fees have created numerous problems for owners, manager and travelers (who pay for it).So, how can you get a top vacation rental for the lowest price? Don’t Overpay – #BookDirect.

HomeAway charges renters a traveler service fee of 6-12% of the rental rate (up to $499) for online bookings. VRBO charges renters a traveler service fee of 6-12% of the rental rate (up to $499) for online bookings. AirBnB charges all renters a service fee of 5-15% of the rental rate (without limit). FlipKey charges all renters a booking fee of 8-16% of the rental rate (without limit).
* fees and terms are subject to change and should be verified on listing websites.

We care about travelers and the future of the vacation rental industry. We believe travelers should be able to enjoy vacation homes without fees! Save hundreds on your next vacation.

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