Mother Nature has created California with a special interest and of all that attractions in California, it is the giant sequoias that capture your imagination the most! Yes, the giant sequoias are simply the most creative venture of Mother Nature and if you want to experience these giant trees in their majestic splendor, just visit the Sequoia National Park, California. The Sequoia National Park is a one of a kind attraction in California and the green charms here are simply irresistible. The Sequoia National Park needs to be explored in a slow and relaxed pace and for that, you need to stay in Sequoia National Park vacation rentals, the lodging option that gives you moments of comfort and amenities like no other. Vacationers who have checked in at Sequoia National Park vacation home rentals can head to the Sequoia National Park and see General Sherman tree, the largest tree on earth! It is not just guests of Sequoia National Park vacation cabin rentals that visit the park to pay respect to the General; vacationers staying in Nevada City Vacation Rentals and comfy Pinecrest Vacation Rentals also visit the good-old General. Outdoor lovers enjoying the comforts of Sequoia National Park vacation condo rentals can indulge in hiking, backpacking, fishing, and camping n this park of giants and have a great time. 
The tunnel log is truly the unique most experience for travelers in California. The tunnel log, located in Sequoia National Park is a fallen sequoia that automobiles can drive through! The crescent meadow or the ‘Gem of the Sierras’ is another special attraction of Sequoia National Park as this sequoia-rimmed meadow is a treat to the eyes with diverse hues of green forming a blend that is soothing.