A blend of civilization and wilderness is always a welcome feature for a tourist destination. Mesa doesn't disappoint. Mesa is Arizona's third largest city, and one of the communities constituting the East Valley of the Sun. Being the Sun's own, Mesa is a splendid spot to catch the desert sun. The Valley of the Sun has around 325 days of sunshine every year.
The Mesa Southwest Museum has over 58,000 objects on display The Tunnel of Time at the Museum has exhibits of meteorites and the universe. Dinosaur Mountain can offer you full-sized and lifelike critters. Golf has always been part of Mesa lifestyle, and the Valley of the Sun is fast becoming a favorite golf destination with more than 200 courses. 
The nearby Sonoran Desert features the 21,000 acre McDowell Mountain Regional Park that's located around 15 miles north of Scottsdale. Sitting in the middle of the desert, the park offers hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding adventures. The trails are half-mile walks to 13-mile round trippers. The South Mountain Park Preserve in downtown Phoenix offers hiking, horseback riding, and mountain biking trails. You can also visit the top of Buena Vista Lookout while hiking, and be greeted by a panoramic view of the Phoenix area. 
Mesa city is decorated with Arizona Mills, a huge mall with a cinema multi-plex and an Imax theater. Foodies can find a restaurant serving everything from French haute cuisine to Tex-Mex local cooking. Aviation enthusiasts can head to the Arizona Wing Museum.